Apple Business Services set the pace for technology development, work well together, and help your employees perform any task.

Apple devices already have applications installed for active work. In the App Store, you will find tools for any field of activity – from sales and design to aircraft repair and skyscraper construction. Apple’s developer platform allows companies to create their own unique solutions.

Corporate meeting management solution

Allows you to easily book a place for a specific task and to pick up precisely the room with the necessary equipment:

Booking – allows the user to display on the display panel all the meeting rooms in the organization. You can easily book a free room that meets your requirements.

What does a business get by using Apple solutions?

Rally room management solution with a unique interface

Apple was originally created for speed and convenience. It is in these characteristics that the solution is unique. Say goodbye to a set of incomprehensible and unnecessary buttons! Even a child can use the tablet in the conference room.

What does a business get by using Apple solutions?


A modern workplace that inspires

A high-performance and reliable solution based on best-in-class Mac devices will provide -> workspace, secure management of corporate devices, collaboration, and high employee productivity.

The uniqueness of Apple’s ecosystem integrates software and hardware, making Mac devices the best tools for business, helping employees to be more productive.

With the automatic deployment of Mac devices, your company doesn’t need a lot of effort or cost to manage your deployment. Employees can get fully configured devices, just turn them on.

What does a business get by using Apple solutions?

Among the companies that provide employees with a choice of devices to work with, Mac is definitely in the lead. In 72% of cases, employees choose a Mac and only 28% – a computer with Windows.


Apple mobile device management

Jamf is the standard for IT administrators who manage Apple devices in the company.

Jamf ensures success with Apple. A solution for managing Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV in the corporate environment, public sector, and education. Provide employees with everything they need to succeed in today’s work environment. Jamf MDM solutions help manage Apple’s corporate ecosystem and keep your business secure.

Apple devices in your enterprise environment can:

Optimize Mac authentication, manage authentication, and device access. Use Unique Cloud Identification on any Apple device to access the resources you need:

Jamf Protect solves the unique security issues of macOS.

Powerful and affordable MDM solution for the modern digital class

 Start managing devices with Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager combines the capabilities of the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) into one consolidated service.

MDM (Mobile Device Management) is an effective Mac enterprise device management tool that optimizes operating costs by reducing IT costs, reducing the risk of losing corporate data and increasing staff productivity.

The macOS operating system includes key security technologies that provide a high level of corporate data protection and integration into the existing corporate environment.

Control over enterprise devices gives IT administrators more options than other device deployment models. These include advanced security settings, non-removable MDM solutions, and software update management:

Apple is confident in the security of your corporate data. Critical security features (such as hardware encryption) cannot be disabled by mistake. Touch ID and Face ID technologies make it easy to protect each device. Many of the security features are enabled by default, so your employees and IT professionals do not have to set up for a long time.

Benefits of using Apple for your organization:


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