Exclusive Robin software integrator.

01 September 2021

TechSvit is an exclusive Robin software 📲 integrator.

1000 working places and about 50 meeting rooms – all run by Robin.

This solution allows you to transform a traditional office into a modern co-working space and also opens up opportunities to:

🔷 Smart boking of a meeting room – you can easily ( comfortably) find the perfect option for your meeting;

🔷 Working place booking – it has never been easier to look for a working place!!!

🔷 A protection from ghost-meetings – keep a track and cancel all the meetings that do not occur.

🔷 Digital signboards – by using displays you can view office schedules and maps in real time.


TechSvit has recently implemented the Robin solution – for the market leader in the entertainment field.

What has been achieved:

✔️ Saving workspace and leased area in 4 times.

✔️ Effective organization of the use of available equipment, workplaces, meeting rooms, etc.

✔️ Convenient, clear and friendly use of the new resource by users.

✔️ Regular reporting.

✔️ Wow-effect.


Robin has a wide range of functionality:

📌 employees choose the needed equipment in the workplace by filters (number and size of monitors and other office equipment);

📌 book a workplace or a meeting room through an application available on Windows, Android, iOS or from the browser of any device;

📌 easily can find where and at what time the necessary colleague is.

⭐️ With TechSvit -> You are able to implement unique smart solutions for your business and process.

💡 Everything with a help of certified equipment from world leaders.


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